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These have been two very busy days - almost all of mine and Graham's posessions have been moved to our new (old) houses, and we're almost finished with cleaning this one. Out of all that though, two fairly small and completely unrelated things have been on my mind, interested me enough to want to write them down:

Last night as I was falling asleep, I was thinking more about how I would begin to define a complete set of rules for life, approaching it as if I were writing code for some kind of simulation, or role-playing game. I decided that it's necessary to separate right and wrong from good and bad. Whilst you might expect one to commonly lead to the other, there should be no implicit connection between them, and no amount of one ever constitutes the other. Right and wrong are objective, whilst good and bad are subjective. Whatever various people think regarding your actions as good or bad, does not make them right or wrong, and neither is it safe to assume that right actions will be considered good or wrong actions bad.

Secondly, today I cleaned the fridge and the freezer. After the freezer was finished, I closed the door, and for some reason immediately needed to open it again. I tried, and it was very difficult to open. Curious why, I closed the door again slowly, and observed that once the seal made contact, the door got pulled in quite forcefully, as if there were a vacuum inside. I assumed that this was the case, and that it was in some way due to the inside temperature, but was interested enough to want to look online for a complete explanation. However, after trying different ways of searching for why there would be a vacuum inside a freezer, I found nothing. Then, Graham suggested I was approaching it wrong, and what I should be searching for was "Halp! My freezer door is teh hard to openz!!!11~~". Sure enough, I immediately find an entire page of the results I was looking for.

Oh well, time to sleep. Interesting how doing hard work actually makes you tired - perhaps if I did some more often, my sleeping would be more normal. I was thinking the other day, that during the time I used to ride to work and back, I used to get up in the morning and sleep at night, and that perhaps the two things are connected...
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